Synthia's IELTS and PTE Coaching
Before entering into IELTS coaching, I had zero knowledge about it. In fact I wasn’t even aware of Band scores. After attending class , Synthia Mam seemed to be an eye opener for all doubts, and she was able to get rid of my fear of IELTS. I dedicated myself to the Tutor to groom me. Now I am confident in my development. Synthia mam And Patricia mam treats every individual like a family member, finds the positives and negatives of students and repair them from base to bring out the best in them. The Tutors here dedicate themselves in teaching. Their scolding’s and strictness are milestones to reach greater heights. I should thank them for gaining confidence in myself. This is the best place for IELTS coaching. Students dedication along with the follow up with the Tutors are no doubt for attaining Band 8 to 9.
Jeevitha Suresh
The teaching technique adopted by MRS. SYNTHIA was resplendent. Individual feedback by MRS .SYNTHIA was very helpful for developing in the places where we lose marks. Also, the tips given in the refresher classes was very helpful and boosted my confident level frequent mock test helped me to find my strength and weakness in IELTS. Overall, learning IELTS in Torah ventures was my best choice ever.
Kiran kumar
Undoubtedly, the best ever place for getting trained in the ielts exam and the most unique among all the other centers. The lrw refresher sessions were too helpful in getting all the doubts cleared. I should mention about synthia mam's dedication and passion towards teaching. Absolutely awesomatic..! And of course, patricia mam's speaking refresher class was so helpful. Her one on one session was extreamly beneficial. If you need a clear sketch on how to crack the ielts exam blindly join this centre and follow their methodologie
Sowndharya S
I have attended IELTS twice before coming to TORAH VENTURES. I have gone through coaching in many centres, But sadly my results were negative. On the flipside Torah Ventures provided the correct technique which will absolutely gain us with higher band score. The simple equation for Torah Ventures is just do as instructed by the trainer ultimately work hard you will see wonderful results. To put in a nutshell, It is definitely worth the money. My sincere thanks to Synthia mam for all the extra time taken to train me. Once again thanks to TORAH VENTURES.
Suryea Kiran
I am an IELTS – GT student, enrolled on Aug 11th 2018. My elder sister Mrs Mangaladevi referred me to this class. Mrs synthia, the trainer of this institution is one of the inspiring personalities. She is an excellent tutor and for her age, she is a bundle of energy and has got an impeccable sense of humour. The refresher classes that was provided was extremely useful. During regular classes she attends to each one of us and provides support in all modules. Now, after attending all the refresher courses I am confident that I can score my desirable band and can also complete the toughest modules ( Reading & Writing ) Within the stipulated time. This is the best institution in Chennai and Mrs Synthia is the best trainer. I would recommend this class to all my friends who are aspiring to go abroad
Heera Ramesh
Synthia’s IELTS coaching is one of the best centres in Chennai. I have seen teachers doing IELTS coaching for money, but Synthia maam is an exception in this regard. She genuinely teaches you awesome techniques to crack each module. Her scoldings are the band fetchers. Her prayers are blessing for each student. I personally recommend this coaching to many who are desperate in going aboard. Thanks mam for your overwhelming support. Special thanks to TORAH VENTURES.
Sowjanya Y
When I came here to join I had second thoughts as to whether I would be able to complete the course because I had my own inhibitions about the course. But on the first day itself Synthia mam made me feel at ease. She gave me the confidence that I can do it come, what may this should be the attitude of all the tutors who run such institutions. She is a true inspiration to me. I really admire the way she carries herself. The way she takes care of each of us here, irrespective of their limitations. I will really miss her and her classes. Hats off to her zeal and enthusiasm even at this age. Patricia, on the other hand is a nice and down to earth person. Her English is impeccable. I really admire her for interest in making the others speak like her. No tutor would do that. Both mother and daughter rock the show .The office staffs’ are also very helpful to all the students. The ambiance is pretty good and I would definitely recommend TORAH VENTURE LLP to my friends
Supriya Menon
I am very happy and fortunate for having choosen Torah Ventures , Infact I got the coaching centre information from Just dial. Before getting to know, visited few coaching centres in Velechery and Butt road, St Thomas mount which is very closer to my home. After seeing and visiting Torah centre –looked more professional and in addition to that Mrs. Synthia is an amazing tutor and she is a perfect coach, trainer and very good disciplinarian. I am very delighted and I will continue to recommend Torah Venture to all my friends and people who are seriously planning for migration. I am happy that i am trained and i have got the knowledge for appearing for the exam. Thank you for all the inputs and training for bringing confidence in me. Thank you Ms. Patricia, Ms. Gladis, Ms. Althea, Ms. Indu and Ms. Jeba for all the support given during my training
sathish raj
I am extremely satisfied with the systematic coaching provided at TORAH VENTURES. Synthia mam is such an amazing teacher brought out the best in me with the minimum amount of time that I had spent here. Her guidance has helped me improve a lot in my vocabulary and enhanced my reading and writing skills. A special mention to Gladys and Patricia mam for their coaching to improve my speaking skills. However now I have the confidence to make an attempt on the weirdest of topics. I also thank Indhu for her coordination in scheduling my classes and Althea who repeatedly through her follow up calls made me step in the right place. Last but not least Paul sir is the friendliest and welcoming person who assisted me patiently with all my immigration consultations. Kudos to the team for their best of services.
Preeth Kala Ramesh
The students are treated with a high level of dignity and respect. The coaching rendered in the institution thrives every student to achieve in the test. Most importantly Synthia mam’s magnificent contribution towards every individual stands as an unexceptional motivating factor. The classic theory of Zero Partiality followed in the institute makes it stand for its own uniqueness.
Fabian David
The approach and procedures are really helpful and useful. Especially the refresher class plays a pivotal role. Useful tips and tricks are given as part of the refresher class; hence it should never be missed. All the faculty members are really welcoming and friendly. Synthia mam deserves a significant mention for her special care towards the students. Could sense the efforts she puts on her students to achieve the respective score. Really thankful for her care, affections, efforts towards each person.
Indrani Murugan
Exemplary Coaching at an affordable Price. SYNTHIA’S IELTS Coaching stands apart in terms of one to one interaction, Refresher classes and multiple mock tests that boosts one’s confidence and Meets the expectation of IELTS Exam standard. SYNTHIA MAM’S reading and writing module techniques and Patricia MAM’S speaking training are the best. It’s a one step solution for IELTS.
Livingston Samraj
I would thank Almighty God for giving me an opportunity to enrol in Synthia’s IELTS & PTE coaching I extend my warm gratitude to Mrs Synthia & Mrs Patricia for tireless efforts in tailoring unique strategies to crack the IELTS especially the academic module, they have their own style and ideas for every module (Reading ,Writing, Listening & Speaking) I would strongly suggest this place for every student who faces difficulties to get through this IELTS exam. They not only focus on coaching, but do helps us to get a better version of us . I personally felt the improvement and that has given me enough confidence to tackle this IELTS exam. I look forward for my incredible result that is ahead. God bless these beautiful ladies to enlighten the future of many. A very big thanks to TORAH VENTURES.
Kezi E
Synthia’s centre is really superb in training students and enabling them to climb up their career and reach their aspiration. Synthia mam’s individualized approach to every module like speaking, listening, Reading and Writing. She enables us to get the ideology of writing both Task I and Task II. She is an adorable teacher who helps us to learn by principles. The ambience of the centre is commendable and a special thanks to all staffs. I am grateful to the institution and my teacher for her dedication towards me and other students. Needles to say, mam put always relentless efforts in inspiring my caliber in IELTS. A Big hats off to the administrative team towards the inseparable study materials they provide. As a student at Torah Ventures, I am really proud-off it
Annie Solomon
Synthia's IELTS and PTE Coaching
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