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IELTS Listening Test Format


A conversation between two speakers in a social or semi -official context.


A talk by a single speaker based on a non-academic situation.


A conversation with up to four speakers based on academic topics or course-related situations.


A university-style lecture or talk

The listening test is the first part of the IELTS examination and takes place at the beginning of the consists of four recorded sections, each covering a different type of language and context. There are ten questions in each section and each question carries one mark.

As you hear each recording once only, it is very important to understand exactly what you are being asked to do in each question. You are given time to read the questions in each part, before you listen. The question types vary; for example, some questions involve completing a form, chart or diagram, others may require you to complete some notes or match some things in a list to what you hear about them. In addition there may be note-taking exercises and multiple choice questions.

In the paper based IELTS Listening test, you write all your answers on the question paper as you listen. The listening part of the test takes about 30 minutes. After the recording has finished, you have ten minutes to transfer your answer onto the answer sheet.

In the Computer Delivered Listening test, you type/select your answers directly on the screen, as you listen to the audio tape.

Synthia's IELTS and PTE Coaching
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