Synthia's IELTS and PTE Coaching

Synthia has successfully trained several test takers across the globe via online training . Well this is as good as individual,in person training. You can learn from the comfort of your home. Test Takers from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and many other countries have found success in IELTS & PTE with Synthia’s stupendous coaching, simplifying things to the hilt.

The training is tailored to meet individual test taker’s needs

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Call on +91 98420 99000 for

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Success Stories

Wijo Wilson, Dubai
Synthia Mam is an outstanding teacher. Her efficiency is unparalleled .For every module,her methodology is unique, well structured and simplifies aspect of the test. Her commitment and dedication to helping me astounded meIn addition her punctuality and flexibility in adjusting time deserves special mention.Her online classes helped me score Band 7.

Srikanth J, Qatar
My score is band 8 in IELTS.I wish to write here about the training provided by the Torah group.Synthia Mam is outstanding.Her meticulous approach in evaluating the student's gray areas and solutions deployed via training methods,mock tests and feedback sessions will help anyone walking into their place for coaching.I would like to touch the feet of this great teacher and seek her continued blessings and express my gratitude

Vinola Mohan, UK
Three times I wrote IELTS and each time I got 6 to 6.5 band overall,but only 5 band in reading.I could not even apply for Canada .That is when my dad found out about Synthia Mam.The way she taught me reading was very different.Initially I struggled a lot,but then everything paid off and I have scored 7 band in reading

Jerrica Samson, Australia
Pleasant memories associated with the impeccable coaching for IELTS at Synthia.Synthia Ma'am's ability is unquestionable.Writing was a big challenge ,but I've nailed it and all thanks to her.She used to surprise me with new assignments,methods,mock test.No two classes were the same.She has impinged me with her bubbly nature,but not to be fooled she took me to task every time I did not turn in my assignments or if I deviated from the methods tasks.She will never teach you and leave it.The genuine concern that she shows,so that we get the needed IELTS band score is priceless.

Jayshree Ananth, Dubai
Synthia Mam's IELTS training made everything so easy for me.Specific mention about her tips for Reading and writing was out of the world.Thanks Patricia Mam for the excellent speaking sessions

Sijo Premkumar Brisbane, Australia
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...I'm so so happy.Thank you so much dear Synthia Mam.Without your awesome teaching and the tough love shown,I would never have achieved this band.8 band,I cant believe myself,but I believe it is your training and of course Patricia Mam your Speaking sessiosn ahave changed my life.Thank you again

Suhana Vikram, Singapore
I received my test results and have score band 7.5.Kudos to Synthia and Patricia for the fantabulous and stupendous training on IELTS.Your support especially in the mock tests ,monitoring,feedback was immense.I can never forget your hard work.Thank you so much

Nehal Khan, Canada
Unbelievably easy.This is what I have to comment about how Synthia Mam transformed IELTS for me.Step by step guidance is awesome.She rid me f all my fears with her meticulous approach and teaching.Thank you so much

Vimal Mahendran, Dubai
I have got my test results on Saturday and I can't belive myself that I have been able to achieve score 7.5 band.Synthia Mam should be given all the credit for this requirement was only 7 I studied ina Tamil medium school,but the way in which Synthia Mam supported me was unbelievable. She taught me the basics of grammar,vocabulary building,sentence construction and the tips she gives for each like reading methods to tackle multiple choice,yes no ,not given questions etc made me score 8 band in reading.She is the world's best teacher and a sensitive and nurturing person.I will never be able to thank her enough

Synthia's IELTS and PTE Coaching
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